Custom RS422 and RS485 interfacing

Why buy a retail...    when you can get a custom connection at retail pricing!

custom converters

A standard 12" molded PC white cable connects the PC to the enclosure. Output interface connections are defined by your requirements.

standard 422 board
Standard PCB

These custom inline interface units use our standard PCB's. The PCB's are terminated inside the enclosure per your requirements. Just tell us what you require.

The RS232C input connection is pre-wired to take its power from the +DTR or +RTS connection and to provide feedback to the other input connections to indicate that the device is on-line. For more information on the PC input connections please look at our other converters. If you have other requirements let us know.

Standard 2 piece snap together plastic enclosures are available for DB25, DB15, DB9 and RJ45 connectors. Circular type connectors will be custom mounted in a 2.2" x 2.1" x 1" enclosure.

All custom products are shipped without markings or labels allowing you to place your own custom label on the product.

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A 2 piece minimum order is required for standard enclosures. Other packaging requirements will require a quote.

Send any inquiries to ""

Standard pricing each $100.00US $100.00CD
Custom RS422/485 ORDER FORM and information package.


Send certified cheque or money order only payable to: MicroLee Technology Inc.

Canadian orders Add $8.00CD for shipping (up to 4 items)
add 6%GST Ontario residents add 8%PST
Mail to:
MicroLee Technology Inc.
28 Marlena Dr.
Scarborough, Ontario, M1E 2Z1
USA orders Add $10.00US (up to 4 items)
International orders Add $14.00US (up to 4 items)
international US money order only

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